Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for Tuesday's Howard Stern Show are posted now on MarksFriggin.com. Here's what I covered: Benjy Did Not Overdose On Sleeping Pills. 04/21/15. 7:00am Flaming Lips Preview, New Prank Call And More. 04/21/15. 7:10am Nicole Bass Calls In. 04/21/15. 7:20am Simon Cowell NY Daily News Story. 04/21/15. 7:35am Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks - Meet The Girls. 04/21/15. 7:50am Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks - The Game. 04/21/15. 8:30am Howard Takes Some Calls. 04/21/15. 9:30am More Calls Before The News. 04/21/15. 10:00am Robin's News. 04/21/15. 10:20am Wrap Up Show - Nick Kroll Sits In. 04/21/15. 11:15am Wrap Up Show - Simon Cowell, Benjy And Elisa And More. 04/21/15. 11:25am Wrap Up Show - Sour Shoes, Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks And More. 04/21/15. 11:40am