Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are up now on MarksFriggin.com. Here's what I covered today: 

Benjy And Howard's Looks Discussed. 08/23/16. 7:00am
Sal And Richard Play Bongos With Their Dicks. 08/23/16. 7:10am
What Is That Thing On Howard Stern's Face? 08/23/16. 7:35am
Evil Dave Letterman. 08/23/16. 7:45am
Howard Takes Some Calls. 08/23/16. 7:50am
More Phone Calls. 08/23/16. 8:10am
Amy Schumer Visits. 08/23/16. 8:55am
Howard Plays Wendy Clips And More. 08/23/16. 10:15am
Robin's News. 08/23/16. 11:25am