Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's Howard Stern show are posted on MarksFriggin.com now. Here's what I covered today: NY Daily News Calls Howard An Idiot. 12/16/14. 6:00am Brad Burns From YouPorn Calls In. 12/16/14. 6:25am More NY Daily News Discussions. 12/16/14. 6:35am Donald Sterling, Phone Calls And Worst Phone Caller Update. 12/16/14. 7:00am Benjy And Elisa Interview Howard. 12/16/14. 7:25am Phone Calls, Audio Clips And More. 12/16/14. 8:35am Bill Cosby, Phone Calls And More. 12/16/14. 8:50am Marianne Garvey From The NY Daily News Calls In. 12/16/14. 9:05am Robin's News. 12/16/14. 9:20am Wrap Up Show - The Daily News Article And More. 12/16/14. 10:10am Wrap Up Show - Benjy And Elisa. 12/16/14. 10:30am Wrap Up Show - More With Benjy. 12/16/14. 10:45am