Hi everyone! So as some of you know, the reason we all know each other is because we all did (and some still do) college improv together. This weekend, those of us still working on "dat B.A." went on retreat with our other teammates and we just got to hang out and talk about how much we love one another and improv. As I was talking about it with them, it made me kind of realize that a lot of people don't know why we love doing improv. Yeah, it's nice to be funny and to make people laugh, but we all love it for reasons other than those too! Improv, to me, is the ultimate storytelling tool. I love creating something from nothing, and building imaginary worlds and characters with my friends. Improv teaches you to listen and to react honestly without getting embarrassed. Basically, improv is my escape from reality and I just wanted to say thank you for believing in that escape. Thanks for liking the stories we create and for being the best improvisers out there by accepting us and what we have to say. You make us feel important, but I wanted you all to know that we think you're important too. Stay positive, stay honest, and thanks for supporting us. Much love, Mel
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