Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are up now on MarksFriggin.com. Here's what I covered today: 

Howard's Wild Night. 03/15/16. 7:00am

Fake Richard Simmons Calls In. 03/15/16. 7:20am

New Phony Phone Call. 03/15/16. 7:30am

Jeff The Drunk Calls In. 03/15/16. 7:40am

Fake President Obama Calls In. 03/15/16. 7:45am

Wack History Month. 03/15/16. 7:50am

Therapy Discussions. 03/15/16. 7:55am

More Phone Calls. 03/15/16. 8:05am

Email, Bobo's Ghost Stories And More. 03/15/16. 8:25am

Tan Mom Clips And Discussions. 03/15/16. 8:40am

Olivia Wilde Visits. 03/15/16. 9:00am

Howard Takes Some Calls. 03/15/16. 10:25am

Robin's News. 03/15/16. 10:40am

Wrap Up Show - Jeff Mauro Sits In. 03/15/16. 11:40am

Wrap Up Show - Olivia Wilde. 03/15/16. 11:55am

Wrap Up Show - Food Discussions. 03/15/16. 12:00pm