Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are posted on MarksFriggin.com now. Here's what I covered today: Various Audio Bits And Phone Calls. 05/19/15. 7:00am Big Foot Found... At Home. 05/19/15. 7:15am Golf Tournament Baba Booeys And Joey Boots. 05/19/15. 7:20am Bill O'Reilly Discussions. 05/19/15. 7:35am Wolfie Interviews. 05/19/15. 7:45am Pitbull Visits. 05/19/15. 8:00am Roger Daltrey Visits. 05/19/15. 8:50am Phone Calls And More Wolfie Interviews. 05/19/15. 10:00am Robin's News. 05/19/15. 10:20am Wrap Up Show - Michael Rapaport And Matthew Berry Sit In. 05/19/15. 11:25am Wrap Up Show - Pitbull, Roger Daltrey And More. 05/19/15. 11:35am Wrap Up Show - Medicated Pete. 05/19/15. 11:50am