Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - The Howard Stern Show
Details for today's show are up now at MarksFriggin.com. Here's what I covered today: 

Back Live, Benjy And Fred Discussions. 05/02/16. 7:00am

Remembering Prince. 05/02/16. 7:10am

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Discussions. 05/02/16. 7:30am

Kelly Ripa Discussions. 05/02/16. 7:45am

Ronnie On Limitless. 05/02/16. 8:25am

Nicole Bass Visits. 05/02/16. 8:35am

Audio Clips, Phone Calls And More. 05/02/16. 9:35am

Zappa Family Feud And Chris Stapleton. 05/02/16. 10:00am

More Calls. 05/02/16. 10:20am

Remembering Chyna. 05/02/16. 10:25am

Robin's News. 05/02/16. 10:40am

Wrap Up Show - Don Jamieson And Michael Pagnotta Sit In. 05/02/16. 11:25am

Wrap Up Show - Prince Stories. 05/02/16. 11:40am

Wrap Up Show - The Kitchen Incident And JD At The Ballet. 05/02/16. 11:55am