Tuesday's Howard Stern Show
Full details for Tuesday's Howard Stern Show are up at MarksFriggin.com. Here's what I covered: *Howard Plays Some Audio Clips. 01/07/14. 6:00am *Howard Takes Some Calls. 01/07/14. 6:25am *Howard Plays A Birthday Show Ticket Game. 01/07/14. 6:35am *Racist Or Not Racist. 01/07/14. 7:10am *Steven Tyler To Perform At Howard's Birthday Bash. 01/07/14. 7:15am *Howard Reads Email And Takes Some Calls. 01/07/14. 7:20am *Christmas Party Stories And Wolfie Interviews. 01/07/14. 7:55am *Tiny Tim Discussions With Tommy From Malden. 01/07/14. 8:10am *Sal's Vitamins And E-Cigs. 01/07/14. 8:20am *More With Sal And Some Phone Calls. 01/07/14. 8:40am *The Vagina Song And Eating Pussy. 01/07/14. 8:50am *Robin's News. 01/07/14. 9:15am *Wrap Up Show - Richard Peeing On Wolfie. 01/07/14. 10:20am *Wrap Up Show - Sal's E-Cigarettes. 01/07/14. 10:35am *Wrap Up Show - Ronnie's Sex Life. 01/07/14. 10:55am