Tunnel philosophy
Sometimes tunnel art is inspirational. I found this "grafitti" (for this is what it is), in one of the tunnels linking one side of the town to the the other, crossing under a railway track. And the camera phone immortalised it for generations to come. I am but wondering on the age of the artist, for this tunnel is usually a "playground" for those youths, that some community memebers would deem a nuisance. It is amazing to see such wisdom immortalised in paint, in what would be an urban thorough way. It makes you wonder on your own frame of mind, your own insecurities, your own authenticity. It is right in its words....whether you feel you are capable or if you feel you aren't...either way you are right. We are only limited by our own imagination, we are only held back by the prison of our own mind, we only think we can't because we never wondered about the "what if....". Which end of that sentence is correct for you?