Tunnel Carpal Surgery
Hello, my friends! 💜 I advise you at 15th January, I had the surgery of tunnel carpal. It was very expected, but unfortunately I need about one month to rest and stop drawing. 😱😧 I'm a positive person, and I know I will be more strong and full of inspiration, especially on working on my projects. I've finished important works and commissions are temporarily closed. Of course, the Rewards Commissions you have right every month, will be moved when I'm healed, don't worry! 😉 As for say "I'm sorry and Thank You for understanding", I will post a Work In Progress of my work for 78 Tarot :: Carnival deck with little tips and an easy tutorial of my mixed media watercolors style (Only For My Patrons)!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁 Please, be patient, I writing with only one hand, lol, I hope you will appreciated my thought, as you know was blocked till $50 Goal! 💜 I will be ready for preparing new handmade art and gadgets, for the next Torino Comics (Italy), my first 2016 comicon in April... I'm looking forward to return to my work, but first, it's time to take care of my healthy. 😊 Thank you sooooo much for your Support, Love and Power you continue give me!!! You cannot image how much is important your thoughts! Thank You with all my HeART!!! 💜💜 See ya!! -Stefania-