Turbine Town - New Painting!

Dear Patrons,

Thank you once again for your incredible support! I feel like this climate art series is really starting to grow and find it's voice. With you by my side I feel a lot of freedom in the studio!

This is a GIF I animated, based on the concept art and designs you helped create, for this latest painting in the series "Turbine Town"

For this painting I wanted to have fun with some science fiction. I tapped into the feeling of the "cows coming home" but to an unlikely place. Turbine Town is an uncanny oasis on the edge of the "Habitable Zone." This town is powered by wind energy that races through the valley, and energizes a whole, dusty, community. 

What do you all make of this piece? 

Thank you again for your subscriptions and please share your thoughts in the comments!

<3 Sean

PS. I will be travelling for the next couple weeks, to the Grand Canyon and other South West landscapes, so you can expect some new art at the end of the month!

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