Turkey Day is Tomorrow are you Ready?
So Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like a sketch of a Turkey with a musket and Pilgrim's Hat.
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Thanks for the Dollar
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Thank you, I seriously mean it. Any help to support me is really great and I do not take it lightly as you could be spending that money elsewhere.
I'll Draw You
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I'll take a swing at drawing you via a picture. I'll record it and make the video available to you. Please no NSFW images though (especially no dick pics)
18x11 Print
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I'll mail you a copy of one of my printable 11x18 poster designs.
Get a paperback of Terence the T-Rex
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At the 10 Dollar level, you will get a free signed copy of my book Terence the T-Rex. Also, whenever I publish or create a new book you will receive a copy of that too.
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