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Turkish 2016 coup attempt explained
BAKU - Turkish military personnel has been deployed in numerous strategic checkpoint in Istanbul and Ankara on the night of July 15th. Tanks and armored vehicles have been seen near the military headquarters in Ankara and an explosion has taken place at the Turkish parliament building. In Istanbul, military blockades have been set up at the bridges over the Bosporus and civilians trying to cross have been fired upon.

In both cities, gunfire, and explosions have been reported and witnesses have sighted a fighter jet shooting down a helicopter. There are also reports of clashes between military units and police forces. And the coup leaders have imposed martial law. In defiance of this ongoing coup, Erdogan has called upon citizens to come into the streets and protest. Much has happened in a very short span of time, in this report, we will look into the ongoing coup in Turkey and why it’s unlikely to succeed.

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