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Turn Back to Love
This is a new song I've been trying to finish in time for tonight's fundraiser for Heal Charlottesville at Random Row. It's about wanting to help, wanting to make it safe, and about doing it in your own voice. I may have told you this before: when Paul & Matt & Maria were little, and getting into something questionable, their parents would ask, "are you spreading happiness?" So...are you?

Turn Back to Love - MP3 / WAV 

Stuck under the northern border,
Why did I let my passport run out?
That clean air is a foggy memory
Getting burnt off in the south.

I thought this was this optional hobby
Before the Nazis came to my town,
Are you quiet or crying it out loud?

I’ve got someone new, you may have heard.
She’s hanging on my every word.
I’m becoming the master decoder.
So much to see, so much to show her.
Are you making it safe and OK?
Are you shrugging and turning away?

Turn back to us.
Turn back to love.

Faster and funnier, you hate 2 lose.
Doubling down on those dangerous views.
I can’t begin to know what you’re thinking.
But I get a whiff of the koolaid you’re drinking.
Are you sneaking beneath your own mind?
Do you really believe he’s a great guy?

That’s not your voice, that isn’t you.
I know because I’ve lost mine too.
I’m terrified to get specific.
What am I gonna say, when she asks what I did?
Are you trying it on for a day?
Are you shrugging and turning away?

Turn back to us.
Turn back to love.

Overnight, overyear,
This little life is long, I hear,
Long enough that I can see a time,
That's quiet enough to listen to the pines.