Turning The Tables - Nateives Q&A #1 with Ben Landis
I’ve been wanting to do featured posts where we all get to know you lovely nateives a bit better, so without further ado, I give you the first “Nateives Q&A - Turning The Tables”, with the awesome Ben Landis! Ben has been a really wonderful part of my musical community over the last few years and it’s thanks to him that I connected with many of you on twitter! He helped fund my last EP, In The Shadows, has always responded to my newsletters and was also one of the early sign-ups on Patreon. Basically, Ben has been one of the nateives before the name existed :D. Hi Ben, thanks for being the first to chat with me for the “Nateives Q&A”! How would you describe yourself in one of two sentences? "I'm a person of many interests, educated as a songwriter. Currently I work as a social media expert, helping people grow their fan-bases and followers on Twitter." Where in the world are you? "I live in Los Angeles, where I moved after graduating college to pursue my music career." How did you find out about my music? "I first encountered you on Twitter in toward the end of 2012. I liked your music so I signed up for your mailing list and started keeping up. You're unusually good about keeping your fans engaged through your mailing list and social media." You've been connected with me and my music for several years now, thanks! What is it that you most enjoy about our connection? "You're genuine, you're dedicated. You've got talent and skill and you're getting better with time. You make it easy to believe in you." Do you have any links which the nateives could check out to find out more about the things you're up to? "I'd encourage everyone to check out my album Adventures in Pixels (http://music.adventuresinpixels.net/) and to follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/benlandis) and SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/benlandis). Thanks!" Awesome, thanks again Ben, it’s a great pleasure to be connected with you! Thank you for all your support over the years and more recently with helping me to connect with so many wonderful people on twitter! That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed and I’ll be selecting another of the nateives for next months Q&A (no pressure, of course, if you’re not interested I ain’t gonna force you). Hugs Nate