Turns and pirouettes with poi dance
This month's poi/dance vlog covers turns--from basic things like chaines to soutenus and a great exercise for learning pirouettes.

This also was one of the most trying and difficult videos I've recorded in a long time. After recording my narration I went outside to record all the b-roll. My camera turned out to have been sitting in the sun in my apartment all day and immediately began having problems with overheating. When my camera overheats it freezes and not even the on/off switch has any effect on it. I have to pull out the battery and reset the camera to get it to work again.

Because it was so hot out yesterday, this wasn't really a problem that went away. I would get 15-30 seconds of footage before the camera would sieze up. This really sucked because given that I was recording a vlog on doing turns, it meant I had to do a LOT of takes. What should have been a half hour of shooting ballooned into 4 hours and by the end of it I was ready to lose my lunch (I'm pretty good about not getting dizzy when dancing--but 4 hours is a slog).

When I brought it in to edit, I discovered I'd made a huge mistake in my script. I'd mixed up chaines, soutenu, and pique turns. It meant I had to cut a couple lines and re-record a couple others. Some days the gods of workflow are with you...and some days they really are not :-P