Turok 2 and Forsaken updates
A few quick notes:

Turok 2 is no longer in a beta branch on Steam; if you own it on Steam, it'll download like any other game for Linux and macOS now without messing with branches.

Forsaken Remastered was just updated with Vulkan support! If you're on Linux, you're probably hitting 60fps with the existing OpenGL renderer, but it's good to be future proof. If you're on a Mac, though, you definitely want to switch. On my MacBook, the framerate goes from around 15 to a solid 60!

On macOS, Vulkan support is supplied by MoltenVK, which we now ship with the game. It should work on any Mac that supports Apple's Metal API, which MoltenVK uses to make Vulkan work. You can change from OpenGL to Vulkan in-game in the "Video" options menu.

In other news, I've got more games that I can handle right now. It's nice shipping a game a month, but some of these are not going to be quick and simple projects. Even though I didn't have much to say in the last few weeks, stick with me, it'll be worth it, I promise.

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