Tutorial 140 - The Figure in Perspective
This is a basic method of creating a guide to represent the figure in perspective. Though it looks like there are a fair amount of complex lines don't be dissuaded.  Understanding a few simple steps will help:
  • Start by sketching the full figure very lightly. In the following steps we'll construct a basic box in perspective to check our estimations.
  • After we have a basic figure outline, estimate and draw the horizon/eye line and place a vertical center line.
  • We can now draw one-point perspective guide lines from the crossing point of the center of our horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Next, draw a square on the ground as if the figure is standing on a square mat. Make the width of the mat roughly that of the figure.
  • From this point on, it should be fairly simple to create a cuboid box that can be split into as many segments as we need, providing a 3D frame for our drawing.
  • We should now be able to see our sketch in a more three dimensional way. We should see instantly if our figure is off slightly in any areas.

Of course, if sketching digitally, we can use perspective guides found online. 

Usually a one-point perspective cuboid is sufficient but feel free to experiment with two-point!