Tutorial 150 - The Pelvis Simplified
The pelvis is a very complex shape to conceive of but we need to get to know it at a basic level if we want to understand the human form. 

We will break it down into a simple shape to make it easier for us to visualize. 

From the front, the silhouette might resemble a butterfly.

From profile, the silhouette is a little harder to relate to, perhaps an unusual looking claw or hornbill. 

Next we're thinking in 3D, try to see the pelvis as a bucket or cork shape, squashed a little at the front and back. There's a wedge shape removed from the front, leaving a shelf. 

Use a basic bucket shape when placing the pelvis on your figure drawing. You can also try simple oval shapes, or a box, whatever works for you. Be sure to draw the form tilting forwards.

We'll explore the pelvis in greater detail in a later tutorial.