[Tutorial] Designing an Active Time Battle System

So I figured I'll write more tutorials, and one thing that would be interesting to write about are battle systems!

Mostly because they seem like pretty complex plugins, when in reality, they aren't. Or at least, they aren't as complicated as you might think.

Tutorials are free to read and follow along.

There are code snippets included in the post so that you can follow along. Ideally, you should understand each step and be able to reproduce it yourself.

Note that the snippets aren't optimized; I just wrote them based on what I was describing and how I might approach it, so there may be better ways to implement certain parts of it.

Full code is available at the end of the post, but you should only look at it if you're stuck (I might have forgotten something

Anyways, here's the first tutorial that gets you started right into your first battle system in RPG Maker MV: