Tutorial add modify water in GTA 5 (water.xml)
In GTA 5 you can modify or add water. I did a lot of testing before changing some existing portions of water, then starting to add new portions and starting to test the various parameters applicable to water in GTA 5.

For each test I created and shared a new map file, and many have asked me how to modify the water? So I decided to write this Tutorial.

In this Tutorial I show you just the basics for managing the water (mainly add-modify) and how they work and what are the parameters that I've explored so far. It is not absolutely a complete Tutorial on all the features and functions of water in GTA 5. There are an infinite number and every day is discovered something new.

I will try to explain everything in the simplest way possible using  many images and concrete examples with real files. However for any  questions feel free to ask in the comments