Tutorial: How to Render
I would explain "rendering" in 2D art as a way of coloring without visible (sketch)lines, that aims to create a 3-dimensional feel

It's not flat.

The transition from a sketch or lineart drawing to a 3D-looking image is a little more advanced, though. If you can't pull it off right away, don't get discouraged... I'll point out areas that I struggled with, and what studies I did to improve them.

In this video tutorial I'll show you my process, how I go from a sketch to a rendered portrait of Lunara. Every step along the way I'll explain my thought process, the tools I use and how the art fundamentals (lighting, depth) come into play. 

The tutorial will be up on Dropbox early next week for all Patrons in the early access tiers ($15+). and it'll be part of the $10+ March rewards package that will be sent out on April 1st.

Rewards include:

  • Sped up process video
  • Slower-speed video tutorial*
  • Layered PSD
  • PNG of my Lunara sketch for you to practise with, if you like.

*My playful puppy is causing so much background noise that it has been difficult to record voice-overs, so the tutorial will likely have subtitles and maaaaaybe a voice-over.