Tutorial List (Updated)


3 videos on the full character creation process (Concept, Model, Texture)
Character Creation Process Videos

Modelling video of a sword from concept in Maya LT
Fantasy Sword Speed Model (YouTube Link) 

Modelling video of a shield from concept in Maya LT   
Fantasy Shield Speed Model (YouTube Link) 

Modelling video of a stylized female face in Maya LT  (3D #25)
Toon Face Speed Model (YouTube Link)  

Written stuff

My Unity Lighting Setup for Gamma Color Space
Lighting Setup (Gamma)  

A few ways to hide or show things using the Stencil Buffer in Unity
Stencil Buffer Examples  

A few ways to paint on meshes and UI using RenderTextures in Unity  RenderTexture Painting Examples  

Setting up a map system that tracks exploration and multiple levels
Map System                                   -   ($10 Tier)Map System Prototype 

How I got started with shaders (Non-Scary shader intro)
 Shader Intro  

 World Position Shader examples (appear & dissolve code)
Line of Sight Article                       -   ($10 Tier)Line of Sight Prototype  

Design behind houses + Environment shader
Astro Kat: Orniaf Houses  

 Non-Scary shader intro 2: Vertex Fun
Shader Intro 2  

 Using Polybrush to add effects in the editor
Polybrush and Vertex Color Shaders  


Character Controller Sample with IK
Astro Kat : Moving Kat

Decals using Projectors and Rendertexture
Skinned Mesh Painting Prototype

Custom Character using Blendshapes and Color masking
Character Customisation Article       -   ($10 Tier)Character Customisation Prototype  


Effect of Gradient Ramps on Shader
Lit Toon Shader                                   -   ($10 Tier)Lit Toon Shader Files

Using the Standard Glass Refraction Shader
Heat Distortion Effect                      -   ($10 Tier)Heat Distortion Files

Fire particle system with a masking shader
Toon Fire Particles                           -   ($10 Tier)Toon Fire Particles Files 

Using ZTest greater and the render queue
Portal Effect                                    -   ($10 Tier)Portal Effect Files

Using a noise texture to dissolve the toon shader
Dissolve Shader                              - ($10 Tier)Dissolve Shader Files 

A Glowing Ice Effect
Ice Shader                                        - ($10 Tier)Ice Shader Files  

Adding a fake specular to the toon shader
Toon Specular Shader                  - ($10 Tier)Specular Shader Files  

A swaying vertex shader
Moving Grass Shader                  - ($10 Tier)Moving Grass Shader Files  

 A moving scanlines hologram shader
Hologram Shader                       - ($10 Tier)Hologram Shader Files  

Changing colours using an RGB mask
Colour Mask Shader                 - ($10 Tier)Colour Mask Shader Files  

Using the stencil buffer to hide or reveal meshes
Stencil Buffer                         - ($10 Tier)Stencil Buffer Files  

A smooth outline with an optional noise
Noise Outline Shader           - ($10 Tier)Noise Outline Files  

Wavy water shader with a foam edge
Stylized Water Shader         - ($10 Tier)Stylized Water Files  

Using Raycasts and secondary UV's  
Painting on Meshes              - ($10 Tier)Painting Meshes Files  

Based on fresnel and noise
Iridescent Shader                 - ($10 Tier)Iridescent Shader Files  

A smooth outline based on light direction
Directional Outline Shader - ($10 Tier)Directional Rim Files  

A shader that adds a layer of snow gradually
Snow Shader                               - ($10 Tier)Snow Shader Files  

Zelda style eye tracking and blinking animation
Eye Tracking                              - ($10 Tier)Eye Tracking Files  

A distiortion shader for special (weapon) effects
UV Distortion                            - ($10 Tier)UV Distortion Files  

A Worldspace based UV-Free terrain shader  
Triplanar Shader                      - ($10 Tier)Triplanar Shader Files 

Stylized animated fire shader
Fire Shader                               - ($10 Tier)Fire Shader Files 

Simple stylized moving clouds  
Cloud Shader                             - ($10 Tier)Cloud Shader Files  

An outline shader with a firey aura effect  
Aura Outline                             - ($10 Tier)Aura Outline Files  

A fake liquid that reacts to movement
Liquid Shader                           - ($10 Tier)Liquid Shader Files  

Using normal and triplanar noise for a waterfall
Waterfall Shader                     - ($10 Tier)Waterfall Shader Files  

 Switching textures based on an objects position
World Position Shader           - ($10 Tier)World Position Files  

 Vertex displacement of grass near an object
Interactive Grass Shader      - ($10 Tier)Interactive Grass Files  

Changing the color of shadows
Directional Shadow Color    - ($10 Tier)Directional Shadow Color Files  

 Adding a colored out/glow effect to sprites
Sprite Outline/Glow              - ($10 Tier)Sprite Outline Files  

 A Shiny Specular material based on View and Lighting directions
Toon Metal                                 - ($10 Tier)Toon Metal Files 

A Shiny Specular material based on View and Lighting directions
Sprite Aura                                   - ($10 Tier)Sprite Aura Files  

Textures and Color Theory

Projecting UV's onto gradient textures
Lazy Unwrapping                        -   ($10 Tier)Lazy Unwrapping Files

More in-depth step-by-step of lazy unwrapping
Lazy Unwrapping Extra  

Creating a palette using warm/cold colour balance
Palettes                                          -   ($10 Tier)Palettes Files 

Creating a palette using the colour wheel
Palettes 2                                    -   ($10 Tier)Palettes 2 Files

Adding colours to a characters
Applying Palette                        -  ($10 Tier)Extra Applying Palette 

Tricks to make gradient textures look better
Gradient Tricks                           - ($10 Tier)Gradient Tricks Files 

Expressing Wood, Cloth, and Metal with gradients
Gradient Materials                     - ($10 Tier)Gradient Materials Files  

Basic rules for making the gradient textures
Gradient Setup                           - ($10 Tier)Gradient Setup Files  

Some words on designing interesting plants
Alien/ Fantasy Plants              - ($10 Tier)Alien Plants Files  

Making gradient textures look like metal
Gradients - Metal                      - ($10 Tier)Gradients - Metal Files  

Steps for a seamless handpainted rock texture
Handpainted Rock                  - ($10 Tier)Handpainted Rock Files  

Using gradient textures to fake folds in clothing
Gradients - Cloth                    - ($10 Tier)Gradients - Cloth Files  

Stylized seamless grass/plants texture
Handpainted Grass                         - ($10 Tier)Handpainted Grass Files 

Stylized stone floor tile texture
Handpainted Stone Tile                     - ($10 Tier)Handpainted Stone Tile Files  


Adding style to a basic house model
Stylized House                          -   ($10 Tier)Stylized House Files 

Using Primitive shapes to build objects
Primitive Prototyping             -   ($10 Tier)Primitive Protoyping Files

Thought Process behind making a character
Character Buildup                  -   ($10 Tier)Character Buildup Files

Setup overview for different tree types
Tree Buildup                            - ($10 Tier)Tree Buildup Files 

Adding a worn down look to a base castle model
Stylized Ruins                        - ($10 Tier)Stylized Ruins Files  

Make a base model of a strong looking character
Humanoid Strong                  - ($10 Tier)Humanoid Strong Files  

Make a base model for a four-legged hunter 
Quadruped Hunter                - ($10 Tier)Quadruped Hunter Files  

Make a base model for a cute humanoid
Humanoid Cute                     - ($10 Tier)Humanoid Cute Files 

Making full geometry toon eyes
Toon Eyes                               - ($10 Tier)Toon Eyes Files  

Finishing a humanoid cute model from the base
Base > Finished Cute          - ($10 Tier)Finished Cute Files  

Quickly prototyping small environments
Tiny Environment Concepts - ($10 Tier)Tiny Environment Files  

Steps for modelling a clump of rocks
Rocks                                       - ($10 Tier)Rocks Files  

Making a minotaur character from the strong humanoid base
Minotaur                                  - ($10 Tier)Minotaur Files  

Steps to model stylized hair
Stylized Hair                          - ($10 Tier)Stylized Hair Files  

Making swords from components
Fantasy Swords                   - ($10 Tier)Fantasy Swords Files

Steps to model simple hands
Hands                                   - ($10 Tier)Hands Files  

Steps to model bat wings
Bat Wings                            - ($10 Tier)Bat Wings Files  

Steps to make happy skulls
Toon Skulls                           - ($10 Tier)Toon Skulls Files  

Steps for a layered rock formation
Layered Rocks                      - ($10 Tier)Layered Rocks Files  

Adding an outfit to a character
Jacket & Trousers               - ($10 Tier)Jacket & Trousers Files  

Steps for a mushroom-like stylized big tree
Stylized Tree                        - ($10 Tier)Stylized Tree Files  

Simple Pumpkin, Spider, and Ghost for Halloween
Spooky Props                      - ($10 Tier)Spooky Props Files 

Making fish from components
Fish        -  Free Fish Files     - ($10 Tier)Fish Generator Files  

Steps to make fantasy shields
Fantasy Shields                    - ($10 Tier)Fantasy Shields Files  

Steps for a cute female face
Toon Faces                            - ($10 Tier)Toon Faces Files  

Steps for stylized wall building blocks  
Modular Wall                        - ($10 Tier)Modular Wall Files  

Steps for a pine tree from primitive shapes
Pine Tree                              - ($10 Tier)Pine Tree Files  

 Steps for a basic dragon/ lizard head
Base Dragon Head            - ($10 Tier)Base Dragon Head Files