Tutorial list for Aurora 4x so far (updated depending on your preferences)
The so far planned episodes are:

Tutorial list:

1. General advice (PUBLISHED)

2. Engines (PUBLISHED)

3. Active Sensors (PUBLISHED)

4. Passive Sensors (PUBLISHED)

5. Designing an anti-ship missile (PUBLISHED)

6. Designing an anti-missile missile (PUBLISHED)

7. Designing a laser weapon / turret (PUBLISHED)

8. Designing a cruiser (Nuclear Pulse Era)

9. Designing a battleship (Nuclear Pulse Era)

10. Designing a fighter (Nuclear Pulse Era)

11. Designing a bomber (Nuclear Pulse Era)

12. Designing a carrier (Nuclear Pulse Era)

13. Designing a longe range survey jump ship (Nuclear Pulse Era)

14. Designing a conventional survey ship

15.  (or more?) Sorium harvester, PCB transformers with tug boat and terraforming ships

16. Mining and all that comes to it (mining ships, platforms, packets + Mass drivers)

??? Cargo and mining etc. ???

17. Designing a conventional cruiser

18. Designing a good misisle PDC.

19. Designing orbital defenses

20. Naval Organization

21. Battle Tutorial basic

22. Battle Tutorial advanced

23. - XX. Battle Simulation