Tutorial: signing up for the pin with a higher amount than 5$ :)

Hey guys, the question has come up a few times, so I thought I'd clarify this again. A lot of you have been pledging more than 5$ over the past months (yay!), and I've had several questions from people who want the pin, but want to keep pledging more than 5$. 

  • Click the "join this tier" button under the Celebration Tier, or just click here (same thing). 
  • You see this screen:
  • At the top, where it says "Choose what you pay", it automatically shows 5$ for you, as that's the minimum for the tier. But you can just edit the amount to whatever you want to pledge. 

Hope this is clearer now! THANK YOU for all of those who've signed up, upped their pledges, and shown me your support. As ever, it means the world. <3 

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