Tutorial : Painting with Blending modes
Hello patrons,

Here is my new video tutorial ( a free extra that happen between new  Pepper&Carrot episodes ) 'painting with blending mode'. A big 'thank you' to the 'Heroes' patrons for their support to the tutorials.

I hope you'll learn something about 'Blending mode' and will enjoy to fix colors, or add an effect to your piece if you are also in digital-painting or interested in digital graphics in general. It was hard to keep this tutorial 'practical and minimal' without showing all blending modes with math and formula. That's why I try to focus on this one a lot about the artworks, providing visual real example, and the effects produced.

I guess this tutorial is compatible for every digital painting software. I used Krita, as usual ( note : Krita just released 2.9.6 , an awesome release ).

Now I'm back painting episode 9.

- Thanks for your support!