Here you can find all the various tutorials I made. You can reach me on DISCORD for help and questions. Beware that I'll not reply and I'll not help people who lock mods behind a paywall (I'm ok with pre-releases), complain about "pirates" and hunt down thieves, since these people are not willing to invest their time making stuff for free, I'm not willing to invest mine helping them for free.



Modding The Sims 4 is really easy... anyone with a bit of time and will to learn can do it. Reading the xml it's not hard, being it akin to HTML... making mods for this game it's not Magic or something only geniuses can do. Don't be scared by the Advanced tag on my site, I assume complete beginners never in their life looked at xml before (like me in the beginning). I learned on my own, and so can you... I never thought I'd make mods for the Sims, one day, and used to look at people making them with a sort of reverence until i had the need for a mod I could not find (to remove the bloody umbrella... always that) and the only option was... doing it myself. You'll make mistakes, and you'll learn from them, like me in the beginning, and you'll continue making them and learning from them forever, because that's how learning works.

What you need:

Sims 4 Studio 


TDESC Browser - For macOS 

XML Extractor for The Sims 4 

Or: Get the Maxis extracted XLM here (updated: Paranormal Stuff)


Modding Toolbox (you can use S4Studio for the same purpose)


The tutorials can now be browsed from my site. Some of them are not there because I'm meaning to redo them: