Tutorials and/or Tutoring Tier
So I've been debating adding some tutoring and/or tutorial tiers (pledge levels are called tiers, just an FYI) to this Patreon. 

For the tutorials, I would basically have a tier where I include a tutorial and/or process of a piece  in PDF format, including how I made my decisions, process images, etc., ideally once a month, no more than two.

The second option is to do a tier that has limited slots for tutoring. This would primarily be for younger or less experienced artists. I've taught classes on beginning art at the community college level, so this would be a continuation of that. 

This tier would include one-on-one, digital lessons. Every month, I would work on a few pieces of artwork with each student, do 'paintovers' for them where I make recommendations, and have either a one-on-one conversation OR record a video with my thoughts and recommendations for the progress of each student. And this would not be public facing either, so it would be exclusive content for each student. The best part would be if you continue with this tier monthly, I will be able to help students progress and build on each lesson.

Please vote below and share your thoughts! I've opened this poll to the public for potential subscribers as well as current subscribers. 

Thank you everyone!

Tutorials as separate tier

Tutoring as a separate tier

Both tutoring and tutorials as separate tiers

Neither, the tiers are fine as-is

Other (please comment!)

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