Everything is well! 

Just a post to update everyone. It's been a week exactly since arriving at Il Baciarino. For those of you who haven't seen my other posts, it's a bit overwhelming here and also incredible. This is a picture I took the other day at lunch here. It's so beautiful, and rustic, and wild and full of history. 

I'm learning Italian more and more every day - it's the main form of communication here. English is scarce. But I'm so happy. It's only been a week, but I feel like I'm starting to understand more than I ever have. 

The day to day is too much to explain in one post, but we stay busy. I'm up by 8:30 every morning. Today the first guests arrive, so we are preparing for that. I'm making lunch right now with one of the other work away-ers. It's so interesting to see what we have to make every day. Today we are making a pie with leftover vegetables from lunch yesterday. We all eat every lunch together, and sometimes dinners. It's nice, because we set the table up and it's an hour/hour and a half break in the middle of the work day to just hang out with everyone. I'll post a few pictures from the past week, but subscribe to my blog to hear about everything else!