TVP Magazine Issue no. 23 is out!


What it would look like if communism, capitalism, socialism, free market, and the like tried to organize people on Mars? We provide this perspective to help our readers more easily learn what these systems are all about. You will gain a sense of how misunderstood some of them are, how some were implemented, why some have failed, and overall, how humanity has tried to organize its societies over the past 400 years or so. Cartoons are scattered throughout to make all of this simple and fun.

We also look at the notion of ‘family’. What is a family? How many kinds of families are there? How does the monetary system influence this notion, and how might a family look in the future?

Finally, this issue includes announcement of a massive QUIZ game that we’re developing for the website. The full Quiz will include thousands of questions drawn from all past issues, along with showcasing how today’s world has become all about subscribing and liking, where people are encouraged to settle for superficial exposure over a more deep interest in the topics they ‘follow’. A mini-DEMO of the quiz is included for you to enjoy.