TVPMagazine Issue no. 25 is out!
Magazine Summary: 

 In this issue, we present the fantastic journey of Luke Wonderly, who walked across part of the US promoting and talking about The Venus Project. Pulling a rather heavy cart the entire way, he covered 1600 km through 76 different cities. You will get to know what he learned from this experience, including how you could approach very different people when presenting an idea like TVP. You will get to see some of the people he met, how he approached them, and how these people responded to an idea like TVP. 

We are also starting our journey of understanding ‘language’ in this issue, with a big, fluffy article on how writing styles emerged and how they work today. We will look at how languages around the world define both actions and ‘stuff’, how they build sentences, what verbs and nouns and other such ‘spicy’ things really are, and overall, how written language is widely different from how we talk. This massive article will be the bedrock for those to follow in this series, because understanding how today’s written languages work (from English to Chinese or Romanian), we will be able to consider better ways of improving communication. Mind you, language is what you use to describe yourself, and the world. So understanding “it” may very well allow you to better understand yourself and the world around you.