We´re there!

The studio is even more beautiful than before – we got the warmest welcome even after spending 3 extra hours waiting at the border!

- the new drumset kicks in nicely, well Rah looks happy enough even with CHristoph clowing around –

and I get to play a Roland FP90 for the first time which is BLOODY AMAZING and PURRFECT for recording purposes. The album has to sell so well that I can either afford one of my own or Roland endorses me :-D  

Today, we´ll play together a while to warm up, settle in, for Rah and me get used to our instruments, and set levels and overall sounds. After that, probably track the first drums and pianos!!

But first, breakfast with bagels YUM and conveniently sliced fruit packed in plastic LESS YUM but when in Rome…  

Quotes of the day:

a duckling vomiting backwards (don´t even ask)  

I should maybe drink the coffee instead of comment it

Love to you all

Feline, Rah and Christoph

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