TWATSAPP UPDATE - v0.6.9 Patreon build

Hey everybody,

Note: english translation done and pushed!

Note2: There is 3 bugs: when you want to wear panties, with new dreams and with the last bestfriend scene [path: cuddle + nokiss]. I will fixed them asap.

Update day! Login now to the Blacked & Whited website to play the v0.6.9! Dont forget to clear your cache if you still get the old version! 

Today's update brings many new features, both technically and historically. On the menu:


There they are! The first scenes with your landlady. Your landlady, and her friends. Regularly, they meet in the kitchen to chat about everything and nothing, and men. Especially men.

You can now spy on their discussions. You'll learn more about your landlady's situation, about Ella, your girlfriend's mother, and about a new character, Chanel. Chanel is an old friend of your landlady, she's a married woman, obviously pretty, but not quite what you'd call a devoted wife. I'll let you get to know her! I also take advantage of these lines to thank Kaa's excellent ideas and his contribution to the story of these characters!

A new step with your best friend has also been added. You will be able to spend a new afternoon in his room with a new major scene, as well as two new dreams. It's time for you to make a choice: are you going to stay friends, or are you going to deepen this friendly relationship?


Let's get to the technical point! It doesn't concern content that is directly visible by the player, but I think you may have some interesting information!

As many of you know, I use the Twine game engine associated with SugarCube to develop Blacked & Whited. This engine is excellent and has allowed us to save precious time in the development of Blacked & Whited. But on some points, I'm reaching the limits. Twine/SugarCube is very good at handling synchronous events, i.e. events that are triggered when you press a button. But what about events that don't get triggered by a user action, for example a girl to whom you gave your number and who contacts you a few days later? This engine is less suitable for such events.

This limitation makes it difficult to develop some features I want for the game, such as the phone, but also new types of gameplay that I plan for the future. So I've been working for some time on the development of a parallel engine, integrated to Twine/SG, which will allow to remove this limitation while keeping the benefits of Twine/SC. This system will allow the world of Blacked & Whited to evolve more easily, will make the game more open and less scripted, and will give the player more freedom!

I've been working on this new game engine for some time now. It's not ready yet, it's a big piece (much more complicated than I thought to be honest), source of many bugs, but I think it's interesting to inform you on this work. :)

Twatsapp: messaging app

Getting back to something more concrete, this update adds a major new gameplay element: the twatsapp messaging application. It's simply a chat (based on the whatsapp GUI) that offers a new way to interact with characters. For the moment, you can receive messages and your answers are defined in advance. When the asynchronous system is finished, I will be able to add a personalized response system that will allow you to chat with one of your targets, ask where is someone, answer a lunch invitation, etc.

Phone notification

What would a messaging system be if you don't know when you get a message? The phone now includes a notification system to let you know as soon as an phone event requires your attention. A notification is symbolized by the circle we all know.

 That's it for this update!  As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support! 





  • 2 scenes with landlady and her friends @ kitchen
  • 1 bedroom scene using panties with 3 paths
  • 1 scene @ best friend's house with 2 paths
  • 2 new dreams with best friend & girlfriend (1 for hetero path, 1 for bisex path)
  • You can now wear panties on your bedroom (optional)
  • 1 new underware
  • 2 new  videos, 10 new pictures
  • 3 new achievements
  • Asynchronous event system v0.5
  • Twatsapp messaging phone app
  • Phone notifications system
  • Fix: broken blacked video link @ bf house
  • Statistics: +~ 5500 words

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