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The Joy! Oh! 

To be forever young. 

Let not the weight of my spirit grow heavy as my roots propel me upward.

Let me be a tree. 

Always to be born again with the coming of spring. 

But still growing.

And I ask only that my roots and branches be left to wander where they may. 

Until no longer they can stretch. But also let that be a long while. 

For the world is beautiful and I long to see the most of it. 

If I should one day uproot and take flight worry not,

for something has just caught my eye at a further distance. 

It's good to look closely at things. 

Did you notice the flowers 

that grow at my base? They are my offering to you. 

How can I not give something back to match what I take in? 

Worry not! 

Should you take some with you 

more will grow. 

That is the nature of love. 

We sustain each other.