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TWiC 074: Men of Mega, she, E.N.Cowell, ocean palace
September 24th 2014 - First half of tonight’s show is chiptune house and dance music from She, Phonetic Hero, Ben Briggs and Men of Mega. Then we chill out with some jams by E.N.Cowell, and Ocean Palace. We’ll also get a sneak peak into the upcoming CheapBeats = WIN, a collaborative album from Chiptunes = WIN and Tokyo’s CheapBeats netlabel. Support TWiC on Patreon - - - TRACKLIST - - she - Come See Me she - Since You Left she - Distortia Phonetic Hero - Automatones (Daft Punk cover) Ben Briggs - Automatones (Daft Punk cover) Men of Mega - Hank von Hassle Men of Mega - Shibuya Sparkle Men of Mega - In Transit Men of Mega - Hare Men of Mega - Vanilla Please Lose Battle - Go Rocket Shoes! crashfaster - future SleepyTimeJesse - B E A C H S H A D E (Masikus Remix) E.N.Cowell - 32kbs E.N.Cowell - Washed E.N.Cowell - Ruins ocean palace - the avatar of gaia ocean palace - elf girlz Dream*Eater - Old Times ocean palace - ur cute - - MUSIC LINKS - -
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