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TWiC 109: Brave Wave, Ben Briggs, 2xAA, Dream*Eater
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This week we hear remixes from Brave Wave, including artists like Chpizel, Shirobon and ABSRDST, along with new music by Ben Briggs (GameChops) founder 2xAA, Dream*Eater, and more.


Keiji Yamagishi - Kaleidoscope (Daliesk Remix)

Keiji Yamagishi - Kaleidoscope (CRYSTAL BOY Remix)

Keiji Yamagishi - Starfish Cluster (Chipzel Remix)

Keiji Yamagishi - Memories of T (Shirobon Remix)

Keiji Yamagishi - Bounty Hunter (ABSRDST Remix)

Rhythmus Records - cold hearted

Rhythmus Records - beat em up

Rhythmus Records - start walking

Ben Briggs - Ben Drowned (Majora's Mask Remix)

Ben Briggs - Metamorphosis (Fierce Deity Edit)

Gors - Mind Games (2A03 Version)

456 - Cepheus

2xAA - Popcorn Factory

Dream*Eater - Unbreakable

Dream*Eater - Kyoto Kids (DDDrive Remix)

LemonDrop - Familiar Feeling [Mario 64 Title LSDj cover]

tothejazz - Watermelon World (Malmen Remix)