The Twin Flame Hero's Journey
We are the spirit of heaven, birthed to this world, freed from our own corpses by the twin flame journey. We are burnt to ash by the fire, but re-birthed by our faith, resplendent like the phoenix, to rise again and light up the world with all we have become.

This is the truth of twin flames as I have seen it.

For me, my twin flame story was the greatest love story ever told, but it was a love story with myself. It was the journey home to the truth of who I am and what I am. It changed everything I was. It burnt me to ash and from that ash, rose a woman, and a life, I never could have imagined before.

I traveled through the darkest moments and unbearable pain and now I live in deep, abiding joy and abundance in all areas of my life. I walked the Hero's Journey and now on the other side, healed in separation, I can see clearly the path and the purpose of my twin flame journey and I share that here, because it is now my piece to this puzzle. I offer it freely to any of you with whom this will resonate.

The Hero's Journey, which was described in The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, is listed by Wikipedia as a universal story structure explored by anthropologists and mythologists. Today we have many modern movies that depict this journey, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, The Matrix... just to name a few.

There is no doubt that the twin flame experience is a journey, but for a minute, let's look at this through the lens of The Hero’s Journey. Italics represent the named "stages" of The Hero's Journey, the rest is my own interpretation.

We start in the ordinary world. This is were we are feeling uneasy, unaware, uncomfortable in our lives and in our skin. We are living our history, our mistakes, our victimization and perpetuating this past onto our future.

Then something shakes our world apart, this is the call to adventure stage. This will either be an external trauma, or something within that has become impossible to ignore, unhappiness in our marriages, our jobs, our lives, and we are starting to understand that we must change.

We may take a few brave steps, but then fear rises up and we are at a crossroads. Do we venture forward into the unknown, trying to make a better life for ourselves, to answer that call within us that we don't even know what it is? Or do we stay safe in what we already know and take the road that simply circles back?

This is the refusal of the call stage and I believe this is where many of us stay trapped our entire lives. How many times in your life has something shaken you? You felt that call that there was more to this life, more to you and you'd start to walk that path, then something, someone, or your own fears called you back.

I know in my own history this had happened repeatedly. I think these "false starts" though, prepare us. Because one day, we will hit that fork in the road and we will choose the other road and that is when we meet our twin flames ushering in the meeting with the mentor stage.

Now don't get me wrong here, because I know we each have a great many teachers and mentors over the course of our lives, but this Hero's Journey, this is the real deal, the destiny of your life, so the mentor here would have to be beyond all those others and what is the premier thing a twin flame meeting does?

It wakes you up!

And who better than the other halves of ourselves to do that job?

No other connection, not a parent or a child, a lover, or a friend, can get our attention the way the literal other half can and does.

In The Hero's Journey, the hero comes across a seasoned traveler of the worlds who gives him or her training, equipment, or advice that will help on the journey. Now for most of us, our twins are no more enlightened than we are, and in most cases it seems, though we go on the same journey, one of the twins takes the lessons differently. This is where the world presents us the runner/chaser model, but I'd like to present the teacher/student model? Because while we may not view our twins as a teacher, it's most likely because we are judging them from a human lens, they are weak, they are running, they are afraid to stand and fight for what's being offered. However if you put that through a spiritual lens, who is to say that this isn't pre-ordained and this soul has volunteered to be the sacrifice in this life so that we may grow and be reborn?

It is usually the way, that one half understands what is happening and is able to bear the spiritual nature of the relationship better. I have heard it said one twin enters through the spiritual door, while one enters through the "world's" door. I think this fits in this representation and even though, from the world's point of view, the more enlightened half looks like the teacher, I would submit that it is we who "know" who are the students here. That makes our twin the teacher even if we don't consciously think of them this way.

The next stage in this journey is crossing the threshold. This is when our hero transitions from the ordinary world to the special world. Think of this like a film, it's at this part that the magic would happen. Think of Frodo leaving the shire, Dorothy leaving Kansas, Luke Skywalker leaving with Obi-Wan... the greatest journeys require us to leave behind everything we've always known, for everything we've always known.

At this point our hero is committed to this new life, this new passion. In the case of our twin flames, we are committed to our twin flame and the amazing bond and love that defies anything we've ever experienced. At this point we are so in love and in bliss unlike anything we've ever experienced...
And this is the end of act one.

We begin act two with tests, allies and enemies. At this point in our twin journey, someone, maybe both, has gotten scared. The intensity is proving more than you can handle, arguments and fears are coming to the surface. This is where we are tested time and again. We are forced to sharpen our skills, our faith, our beliefs. This is what the twin flame experience does for us over and over. We are faced with our past and asked to make a different decision, and if we don't, it will come up again and again and again until we surrender and choose better.

This is also a time when we are making new friends and allies. Primarily because by now we've googled twin flame or something similar and have discovered just how far from Kansas we really are. We find Facebook groups, and mentors, blogs, books and we start reading everything we can in the hopes of saving this great love we had that brought us here.

Stage seven is approach, as in you are approaching your moment of destiny. Whether you realize it or not, all your studying, all your self discovery, all the changes going on inside you are preparing you for your moment of destiny that is flying at you faster than the speed of light.

We think we are wrestling, trying to keep our head above water. We feel like we're drowning. Oftentimes our twins have pulled away by now and we can't understand it. We feel we may die without them and all we want is for the pain to stop, but be assured that this very struggle, is the one that will make you or break you. It is preparing you for your moment, the moment you will transcend, or you will die.

When we meet the next stage, the ordeal, we are only at the middle of this story. This is where we confront it. This is where we choose. In this moment you are the butterfly wrestling to get out of that cocoon. If you don't go through this struggle, you die. You wake up back in your bed and nothing has changed, but you have deeper pain and depression. What you have signed on for then is for the deep, never ending sorrow and longing to never leave you.

If you stay in this, if you fight to break free of that cocoon, of all your ideas of this world, love, god, romance... if you find true surrender and realize the truth of what this all has been, what this world really is, out of the moment of death, will come new life.

If you win this battle, you are transformed.

You are not the wingless creature who crawled on its belly any longer. You are no one's victim. You are no longer weak or lost. You have your joy. You have wisdom most never will. Most of all... you have treasure of untold worth that you can now touch the entire world with.

In the next stage, the reward, the hero takes possession of that hard won treasure. Knowledge, growth, wisdom and enlightenment that you could never have come into possession of any other way. This is a time to celebrate, but keeping in mind we have not finished our quest yet. There is still much road up ahead to cover.

This is when we start our road back. We want to go home to what we know, what we loved and treasured, the people, religious backgrounds, and friends that we had before. We long for all those back in the ordinary world. You can't wait to tell them of your adventures and to love them in ways you were never able to before. You want to bring the treasure of what you've become and what you know back to those you love, but at the climax of this story, we are tested once more.

It is here oftentimes that our twins suddenly return and we think it's divine timing, but in reality, it is our greatest test.

You are at yet another crossroads and at this one you must be exceptionally perceptive. You must use all of the gifts you have won and look at this person and ask if they are truly there for good, or to pull you back into turmoil and grief, only to leave again when it gets hard, causing you to stay in the fire longer, having to go back through all that you already have.

No one can answer this but you, but ask if they too have walked this hero's journey. Have they been transformed, or, in the time apart, have they been merely drifting, unsure and unable to find solid ground and now, having been drawn back to you, are they wanting you to be their anchor? Are they wanting you to be that safe place that doesn't judge, question, or require them to change?

We have come a long way in our journey at this point, but we are still like newborn fawns, wobbly on our legs, don't take on more than you can handle. This is where you have to dig deep to find your new strength, enough of it to say, I'm done here. I love you, will always love you, more than you understand, but this is not for our highest good at this time and no, you cannot be in my life. In doing so, you may be the very thing that sends them on their own hero's journey. When we stop enabling our twins, our other half, we force them to wake up as well.

We are now at the moment of resurrection. This is when the phoenix truly rises from the ashes a new and beautiful creature. By seeing the test for what it was, and choosing yourself, your new found faith, strength and courage, you have been purified in a way few people alive will ever experience. I have always said the fire of the twin flame differs from other fires because it is a refining fire, a purifying fire. It will burn to ash anything that is not worthy of you so that you can step into your rightful place in this life.

This is why this journey is so daunting, why you feel like it will end you. It is tearing things from your emotions, your memories, even from past lives and changing you on levels you didn't know you could be transformed... that is painful, but it is worth it. By choosing yourself, by aligning yourself with truth and your true higher purpose, the polarities that were in conflict at the beginning of this story are finally resolved and there is peace within.

This is the moment the sun comes out and the birds sing and you know that even though you may have lost something you thought you wanted more than life itself, you realize you found something far more valuable... you found you.

Now I'm sure you are saying at this point, but what about reunion?

What I have to say on that subject is if there is to be reunion, it is not in the way we are thinking and pushing for. I believe reunion is not for those who wait, but for those who live. I believe the truth of reunion will be revealed to us in the time it has been ordained to be revealed and in the mean time, we are to fulfill our purposes here. Which leads me to the very last stage of this story which is return with the elixir.
This is the stage I personally am at now and that is my new mission. I have treasure that has the power to transform as I have been transformed and it is my place now to share that the best I am able.

This was my hero's journey and I pray you will be able to embrace your own. Many blessings to all who read these words, you are the warriors of this world, the light bearers, and we have come into our time. Namaste ~ Samantha