Twin Peaks. Hunting the house
David Lynch uses two different houses for Laura Palmer's home. House 1 hosts The Palmers in the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, house 2 replaces hause 1 in the TV series. As you all may probably know the movie was shot after the series, although it examines the events before Laura Palmer’s murder. For my bad luck no one told me the house got changed, Lynch tricked me well, but at some point I realized living room strangely changed its place from left to right to the main entrance. 

I picked House 1 to draw, mainly because in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me the house felt almost like a character itself, while in the series it gets out of focus. These are my major discoveries about House 1:

1. The address is 708 33rd St, Everett, WA, United States

Link to Google Map here

2. The house got on the market and it was sold in 2014. While on the market Stephen Lange, an actor and director, managed to sneak in and shoot a video for his campaign of preserving the house. His footage helped me getting some idea about the staircase which was my biggest puzzle while trying to draw the architectural plan. Check it here, it's hilarious.

3. The new owners of the house thankfully appear to be fans of the series. I had a chat with the man behind the Twin Peaks fan site and he had just visited the house 3 weeks ago, as he got to know the new owner, and guess what:

David Lynch shot his new third season in the same house! So House 1 is coming back in spring of 2017 :)