Twin Peaks. Drawing the house
The staircase was the hardest puzzle to me. I just couldn’t understand how Laura starts climbing from two different ends of the house and always gets  to one single spot – her room. Usually in such cases I try to contact the production designer or the set designer, but Twin Peaks was shot 25 years ago! And unfortunately production designer Patricia Norris had passed away several months before my project. I even wrote a letter to a guy Stephen Lange who managed to sneak into the house in 2014 while it was on the market and shoot a short video in it. But he never responded.

Finally, I realized that in 2014 David Lynch had released Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces. This film presented deleted scenes from the series and from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and guess what: camera looked down and revealed me stair knot :)

About the second floor: There aren’t even hints for half the rooms of the second floor. There is absolutely no information about the grey area in my watercolors. The creepy staircase and Laura’s room get almost all the attention of the camera.

I realized that the famous scene with the horse appearing in the Master bedroom wasn’t shot in the house itself, because who would manage to climb a horse to the second floor? Lynch built a special set resembling the bedroom. (Actually my grand grandfather rode a horse slowly to a second floor of a house and managed to get the horse back down the stairs which was actually the harder part. The horse freaks out from stairs, the noise of the hoof only ads to its horror, so grand grandfather (this happened during WWII in Macedonia) wrapped the hoof in soft cloth and sugar cube after sugar cube he rode the horse down the stairs and won a huge bet)