Twine Comic and Oozing Stickers
I made Girlwaste, a twine/comic with music by Brenda. imagine playing this on a Virtual Bwa vector graphics system where you navigate links by blinking bloodshot eyes. that would be horrible. its great that we have computers now and im a big fan of the whole computer thing :^)

Diamond Ooze Pack is a set of 4 stickers selling here

I made Minecraft Let's Play with extremely useful knowledge and thoughtful tips

I reviewed  4 games

I dreamt I was in an abandoned cabin where a rogue improv class met. Each actor had a signature animal, and we spent our time writhing and hissing and contorting. This might have been related to the woman who was trying to torture and murder me but she could have been a totally separate sinisterness. She trapped me in a toy store. She was in the ceiling like a brooding presence. I fantasized about kicking the locked door open and escaping. I replayed this vision several times before ruefully admitted to myself that I really couldn't do this.

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