Twisted 03:04:18
Finally - Schroedinger, Barbera and Gabriel in the same room. They could have some interesting conversations, if one of them wasn't traumatized to the bone.(eng) working on the next two story-chapters at the moment. Chapter 5 is short and planned out fully now. I scrapped the first version, because it was visually too uninteresting and will now go all in with some interesting new techniques. I vowed to try new things in chapter 5 and take more chances with this one. Chapter 6 will be the traditional black and white again. Maybe involving more greys, as I had done for the redrawing of book one and also in the current chapter (not on today's page, though. Despite it really could have used some grey in this first panel...). There will be a guest drawn chapter 5.5. With heavy heart I had cut that chapter, because it is just the characters having fun and some background information, that is interesting for the story but not 100% necessary and since I am taking forever drawing this, I had to cut some parts. Happily, with 5.5 and saving up some money, I will be able to afford a guest artist. So much the current progress update. I will use the time to draw some promotional things and patreon-rewards : )

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