So the upcoming story Part 3 will have an interesting decision that will be made by the community.  I realize that I don't have anyone willing to become a Patreon backer at this time and while that saddens me I know its not because you guys don't want to support me but that you can't afford it.  SO for this upcoming decision I will open it up to the public.

Now that Crystal has used the dark ritual to take the lifeforce of your last character from book 1 and mold it to her will what should she do with it?  

REMEMBER your choices here and shape the future of the story and where it develops and leads to in the coming chapters. 

Get revenge for her family (This option will give more backstroy to her past)

Free the man (This will open up an interesting dialogue between the two)

Use the lifeforce to bring a family member back to life (This option of course kills the main character from Book 1 but opens up a new door)

Loose control of the magic (Several things could happen if she can't control the man as expected)

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