Twitch and Other Updates
Hello everyone! I got 3 things to tell you guys in this update so let's get started! When I was streaming the 5 Year Anniversary Livestream, the Twitch App on the Xbox One came up with an error. I finally had time to work on the fix. If you had an error code 0x10331196 try deleting the MAC address in the Advanced network settings. I have got that fixed so I might actually stream Friday night. Speaking of streaming Friday night, I might stream DOOM 4. I bought the Xbox One version so I can finally play it at a reasonable frame rate (Yes I think 30 frames is reasonable. All lot better than 5 FPS). Got the physical copy of it for $22.75 from Walmart of all places! So I'm very happy that I could play it on Friday! Maybe after a playthrough I can start playing some snap maps or something! I do have my Webcam, map, and mouse connected to a laptop right now. Not a very good laptop but I can do some light gaming on it and record or stream with some friends! Currently I'm testing out new ways to use OBS. Now I gotta figure out what kind of editing system I can use in the mean time! I'll get on that soon. That's it for what looks like a weekly updates from me! Hope you guys are having a great week and I'll see you Friday! See you then!