TWITCH * BRB, oppibella~!
SO with the amazing installment of the daily life of an uguuer, NEW PC HAS CAME (a while ago actually, earlier this month!) AND I CAN FINALLY FINALLY LIVE MY DREAM OF DRAWING FOR ALL TO SEE!!! All of my life, literally, since I had a pc and could draw on a computer!

With my new PC I am happy that I finally can stream live on twitch! Here is my link!

I have streamed about 3 times for drawing and about 2 other times for random uguus (writing, photoshop, sharpening pencils with webcam)! I don't have any set schedule because of school work but when I just want to draw for fun and show others I know I can :> I post when I start streaming on Twitter so, make sure to check for it!

The drawing of BRB oppibella is one I created start to end on Twitch! I want to explain what I'm doing and why I am doing any particular thing to viewers if they draw or just enjoy artists drawing ^O^ Maybe one day I can afford the premium option on Twitch to upload and save my streams, but it depends on how many viewers I get and if I can continue streaming but on a consistent level!

Anyways, Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day uguu~! ♥