Twitch LiveStream: Community Creations
I've recently started streaming over at Twitch.TV, and here is the result of some "Community Creations" we've recently started. These creations were made by viewers telling me how to start the creation, how many limbs, what details and features to add, what colours and patterns, and finally, the name!

Starting with "Sir Jeffery Wolfenstein III" as our warmup creation to the first stream, we later made "Scumlord Darvulax" and tried to create a fish/lizard to suit the name, and then "Gurhka the Mental Elemental" as a bizarre alien mothra/bird. It's been a lot of fun, looking forward to doing more of these!

If you want to get involved at the next Twitch LiveStream, follow my channel or check out any of my social media and you'll see when I next come live -