Twitch Creative (Beatmaking Sesh)
Happy November! And apparently the official start to Christmas season at every store in the world. Sadly, I heard my first Christmas song on Halloween at a KFC. Love Christmas but....

I digress.

Today I streamed a very impromptu beatmaking session on Twitch. I'll try to get a schedule laid out for you guys soon. Life will be settling down around next week and should allow me more time for streaming every day.

Figured out how to get audio from Fruity Loops into OBS/Twitch today, so that's a big win. Fellow producers, feel free to ask any questions you might have about production tips etc. These videos will begin to be available only for $5 and up Patrons starting this month,  and I'll be rehauling the awards tiers as well. Little more incentive for mid-range affordable tiers. Leave comments on anything you might like to see in the new backing tiers!

November DJ Mix coming up soon! AND...a new track dropping tomorrow over at  w/ my good friend Shing02. Don't miss it.