Twitch moderator perk changes are final!
Hello, my lovelies!

Thank you for your feedback regarding the moderator perk. I think it's one of the most important perks that I offer, therefore it actually took me a lot of thinking what to do with your input, in order to make as many people as possible happy.  I have decided to remove the moderator perk and replace it with a 'patreon viewer status on moobot' perk, which accomplishes two things:

- patreons don't need to pout, because the new perk effectively works the exact same way as the moderator perk, only that you don't have a sword in front of your name anymore. Moobot recognises you as being immune from its spam rules, rule 4 rules, and any other automatic timeouts. You can use all words that would usually fall through the word filter too.  

- newcomers won't be so intimidated by the army of mods anymore (I got frequent reports that people are a bit intimidated by the sword army)

I will over the course of the next few weeks add a few moobot commands that only patreons will be able to use. If you have any suggestions, do tell me! The VIP chat room has been scrapped for now, because I agree with those of you who said that it is not really neccessary in order for me to be able to answer you personally.

I have already unmodded everyone but Shanara, Garoc, and Rose, who will continue to serve as the main oppressors of the bar. 

Last but not least, I hope I have not made you unhappy with this change. I needed to strike a balance between accomodating newcomers, keeping you lovely folks happy, offering a proper perk, and reducing the propability of mod abuse. This should do the trick, hopefully. Cheers! :)

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