Twitch Stream Time Lapse Video (x30) - Undertale
A time lapse video of my last stream of the year! I cleaned up my Undertale piece a bit and tested out my sparkly new Twitch channel. I still have a lot to learn about the technical and community aspects about Twitch (and streaming without lagging my laptop to the point that it affects my painting process :[ ), but I hope to spend 2016 exploring streams and videos so that I'll have more goodies to share with my lovely supporters here on Patreon, as well as with fans and followers in general.

I would love to make full time lapse videos someday that show my entire drawing/painting process (I attempted creating one a couple of years ago, which you can view here), but they're just so long and unwieldy with my current resources, so I have that set as a (long-term) goal on my Patreon page! :) Here's to hoping I can get closer to that goal this year!