Twitch Widget: Bit Boss Battles
 Take charge, brave streamer, and lead your viewers into battle with their bits! The almighty Bit Boss has awoken! Give your viewers a live game to play against each other by using this widget to fight the Bit Boss. For each bit cheered, 1 damage is dealt to the current boss. But be forewarned; the viewer to deal the final blow to the current boss becomes the new Bit Boss! 

Bit Boss Battles (BBB) is a viewer interactive bits widget for the Twitch platform. Streamers using BBB enable their viewers to fight each other using bits to become the next Bit Boss.

- Easy to use web-based interface.

- Smooth graphical widget with animations.

- Able to use as a browser source in OBS or any other streaming software.

- Demo mode available to test the widget without requiring bits.

- Enable or disable sounds, Transparent Mode, Chroma Mode, or Persistence Mode.

- Use constant HP, or allow a viewer's "overkill" bits to determine their health.

Bit Boss Battles requires authorization in order to listen for bits notifications from the Twitch API. BBB requires the "User Read" permission in order to obtain the streamer's user ID (public information) from the token it receives from authorization. Once authorized, BBB stores the token only as a cookie on your browser. BBB's servers DO NOT store ANY personal information about you or your Twitch account.