Twitter Horoscopes: 09/18/17
Greetings cosmoms and cosdads. 

This week's Twitter horoscopes came directly from a higher dimension that can only be accessed by passing Go and collecting two-hundred dollars. I lost my free parking trying to get back into this reality. 


Scorpio: Try seeing things from another perspective by walking around on stilts. 

Libra: There is no prize for second place today but there is some jewelry you can steal from her dresser. 

Virgo: Don't allow others to manipulate you, especially Dr. Dizmay and his dastardly mind-control ray. 

Aquarius: Your patients will finally be rewarded when they are assigned a new doctor. 

Pisces: Wednesday brings the opportunity for a new beginning; no one would believe you survived that plane crash. 

Taurus: When you create a hole it is your responsibility to fill it up. Do your own dentistry. 

Capricorn: Advice will come from an unlikely source this week when a wise 12-year-old helps you through your breakup. 

Sagittarius: The word you can't think of on Thursday is "constigelious." 

Leo: Grow a backbone this week. You can use your two spins to make a reverse fetal position and impress your friends. 

Aries: You will get a jury summons in the mail on Tuesday. 

Cancer: With Venus passing through your constellation this week you will likely be the victim of a hot car death. 

Gemini: Don't make apologies for being yourself. Unless you're a Nazi. 


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